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Madrone Internet Services provides affordable web-hosting and email solutions for beginners, experienced web-masters and hard-core developers.  Our focus is on WordPress and (coming soon) Ghost blogs.  We provide extremely high performance servers, excellent internet connectivity and great service with a “bed and breakfast” flavor.

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Too much spam

More than a few people have asked us recently about causes-of and solutions-for spam.  I thought I’d respond…

Why do I get spam?

95% of all junk mail you get is because you disclosed your email address to somebody, somehow, somewhere.

How do I disclose my email address:

1. Online Forums
2. News or Networking Groups
3. Sign-ups for software downloads/updates, newsletters, etc.
4. From IRC and chat rooms
5. Your homepage or other page on a website
6. Email addresses derived from your site(s) URL(s)
7. White & yellow pages
8. Your friends and online acquaintances
9. References to your email on other sites or BBS’s
10. By loading images in your (unsolicited) email

Can I get rid of all spam?

One way to eliminate spam is to *only* accept email sent from addresses in your address book. If you have not made an explicit name/email entry then email can be filtered by your email client to your junk email-box. You *will* lose legitimate email but this should eliminate virtually all spam. Even so, occasionally, spam email shows up from a friend as *their* machine may have been infected with a virus/trojan.

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Monthly plans phased out

Given the more favorable economics of our 6 month and 12 month plans, few folks were choosing the monthly plan.  We have discontinued our monthly plans with auto-bill via PayPal.  We now offer website hosting or email-only options in 6 or 12 month plans.  Check out our offerings page for more information

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